The Reserves Of Argentina

But, do not think, that everything interesting in Argentina is only in the capital.
Argentina is rich in nature reserves and natural monuments of the country. And now, I will try to describe everything that is required to visit on its open spaces.

The main natural wonder of Argentina's - Iguazu national Park. It is located just 7 kilometers from the airport of Puerto Iguazu city, so to visit this corner of nature is not difficult.
The main attraction of this Park is the waterfall, which is located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Located in the forest, which resembles in appearance the tropical Amazon forest, the waterfall just makes you hold your breath with delight. It is impossible to convey the feeling that you feel during the time spent on it.

A standard tour of the National Park Iguazu includes a small walk in the Park to the railway station where the trip starts in trailers directly to the waterfalls. On average, this trip takes up to 15 minutes, but we broke down and we got to the waterfall only 40 minutes. Up to the "devils Throat", namely the so-called huge waterfall in the Park Iguazu, you will have to walk about 1.5 km On the suspension bridges, the occupation is very exciting and, in spite of the physical activities which occur during the transition, time flies very quickly.

After visiting the waterfall, don't miss the opportunity to go by boat to the foot of this waterfall and to see the bottom in all its Majesty. It is worth noting that unlike Niagara, raincoats won't help You. Best of all, back in the hotel to wear swimming trunks or a swimsuit and before descending all the garments to put in a rubber bag which will be given on the dock. In this case, all Your belongings and documents will remain dry.

The second Park we visited was full of color and differed significantly from the Iguazu falls.
National Park Los Glaciares is located in three natural zones and almost a third part of it covered by glaciers. Conventionally, the Park is divided into 2 parts, the southern (not very popular among tourists) and the North. In Spanish, the name of the Park sounds like "glaciers", which is the best, describes the landscapes and panoramas.
The first thing to visit is lake Argentino, which is not only stunningly beautiful, but also the largest lake in the country. In appearance, it is a huge pit, which is filled with liquid emerald milky color. All edges of this lake is delineated by the massive glaciers that slide right into the water and the mountains.

It is worth visiting and the Upsala glacier, which is 50 kilometers long and 10 wide. With it You can get to the neighboring glaciers, Onelli, Bolados, Agassiz and Spegazzini. Will definitely take a good camera because such beauties in the world there are units. It would be foolish not to get it on the memory of this great part of Argentine Patagonia.

You can also enjoy a full excursion to the glacier Perito Morena, which is the whole day. During this time You will ride around the glaciers on a boat trip through the Magellanic forest and the slopes of the ice caves, show the location of the collapse of the glacier, and if you're lucky, You will be able to observe the moment of dump of blocks of ice from these giant structures.

Well, in the end of the tour You will have the opportunity to try this whisky with clean pieces of ice in Perito Moreno.
The last in this Park, but not the last in Argentina attraction is the Fitz Roy mountain.
Despite a modest height of 3400 meters, Fitzroy, has the glory of the most difficult to climb mountains. And its almost sheer slopes represent a weakly stable surface from snow and ice.

If You decide to test your strength and climb to the peak of this mountain, then be prepared for the fact that the only trail up the mountain has a length of 10 kilometres, and the climb can take from 3 to 7 hours depending on the weather.

To climb the mountain You need to obtain a special permit, which is issued to El Chalten. But even with this admission, unprepared tourists can only reach the peak of Laguna de Los Tres, then the path is open only to experienced climbers.

It is best to visit this Park is from December to February, not to wait until good weather is established to climb. But this wait can last several days or a week.
This varied and colourful Argentina I kept in my memory. With my hand, I can say that I did not expect such diversity. All I know about Argentina is the fact that their capital is Buenos Aires.
In fact – it is a very interesting country with a diversity of both tradition and landscape. In any case, it is worth a visit.

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