The payment of "Wallstreetbull" and "FX Alliance".

Greetings to You, dear readers.

Well, like I said, not all and not always smooth in the world of investments.

unfortunately, I have to admit the fact that the projects "Wallstreetbull" and "FX Alliance", not paid. In addition, some problems seen in "Bitcoin World". The period for the processing of payments has passed, but people write that the money has not yet been received.

if "Bitcoin World" the situation is still unclear, the hopes that "Wallstreetbull" and "FX Alliance" will resume its work anymore.

despite the fact that the projects are unable to work for a long time, some users that are "logged in" at the start, were still able to receive dividends, and has remained in positive territory. What made the management of these projects to reduce their activities, we can only guess.

Well, we make distribution of the insurance Fund "Wallstreetbull" and "FX Alliance".

Ask anyone who has participated in these projects and registered them on my link send request for the insurance payment in form on the blog.

It is necessary to specify:

  • Title of the project;
  • Login in the project;
  • Deposit;
  • Total amount of payments from the project together with Rebeka;
  • Number of your purse is to transfer the insurance indemnity.

Starting today, begin to pay insurance compensation project "Wallstreetbull" and "FX Alliance".

that would be "Bitcoin World" - will report later.

P/S If something is not clear when ordering insurance benefits - write in my chat.




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thanks for the payment!
Internal transaction
Transaction ID:
От:[email protected]
Amount:USD 22.45
Note:Rich_and_free compensation


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