SCAM! How to protect yourself?

Hello, dear readers of my blog. Today, I want to touch on a delicate subject, over which, sooner or later begins to think any investor – how to protect yourself from Scam.

As You might notice, among the hundreds of projects, at times, very difficult to see a decent Fund and reap the profit. In pursuit of investors and administrators of HYIP projects are more time on the site appearance than its filling and, often, choose "sweet fruit" basket "mold" becomes impossible.

Today, we will try to understand this sensitive issue.

In this article contained only my opinion and I in no case will not impose just food for thought.

Each HYIP project is doomed to end sooner or later. It often happens that even the administrators of HYIP can't predict how long it will last afloat. It depends on the activity of the audience, quality of related services advertising and customer service, the choice of interest rates on deposits and referral system. Of course, not every organizer has the experience that his project was profitable and long-lasting.

In 2016 HYIP projects gained popularity due to the success of as many investors and administrators. As a result, increased the number of the first and the last. Thus, at the end of 2016, there was a decline of many of the major popular HYIP and "one day" projects that have no future because of improper organization or fraudulent intentions of the administrators. Because mass Scam, potential investors began to abandon the implementation of the new deposits in the fear of losing in similar HYIPs.

Seasonality HYIP say not many researchers of this phenomenon, however, this is the place to be. Tracking seasonal changes in trends in the HYIP industry, investors have the opportunity to note the time and direction of successful investments, as well as the moments when the high likelihood of a Scam. the Beginning of spring – this is a good time for new investments, as well as for the flourishing of winter attachments. However, the autumn HYIP not always make it to the spring period. Therefore, it is recommended split cash flow on multiple projects, some of which have a good strong reputation and a long practice of regular payments, and the other opened recently and gaining the trust of investors.

To protect yourself from bad investments and, as a consequence, the losses should indicate the number of major rules that should be followed in the implementation of investments into HYIP-projects:


      • first, an investment a large sum of money may seem like an attractive idea at first, but upon closer examination it becomes clear that much more logical to make deposits of small amounts in a number of projects. Despite the overall decrease of revenues in the second case, the first can result in sudden Scam, which will cause loss of all assets;


      • in the same category error applies desire to save on the expense of maximum profit and then withdraw all at once. In fact disrupt the "the big score" better little by little,Yoda your capital parts. Site administrators categorically don't like to pay out large sums at once, a sudden large loss of money may end badly for all of HYIP-project. The General rule for the investor is the preservation of peace and no temptation to go on about their own greed that makes you do rash actions in the field of investment;


      • it is Obvious that currently, many lovers of easy money I wish to fuck some quick cash due to the opening of the HYIP project in extremely short time. But such organizations is easy to calculate a number of features, while being protected from undesirable investment. Explore the official website of the project and inspect it for signs of unique design and texts. Uncomfortable or copied website, where there are no original contacts of the organizers of the project, it is a sure sign of insolvency of the hype in such an organization to invest unsafe. The best projects are those statistics where invested a labor organizer, and private funds for the creation of an original image, advertising, as well as offline the site;


    • if you already invested in the HYIP-project, then it is important to track the moment when it's time for a withdrawal. Several proven techniques will help you save assets and strong nerves. Often before the Scam organizers say about the crazy stock and the increase in interest bringing in new team members or new investments. It would seem, a good sign, it goes uphill! But here's the catch: after the "last hour" on the wallets of their investors HYIP zashkalivaet for one reason or another;

Delays in payments are also a reason for leaving from HYIP structure. Despite assurances from organisers that everything is in order and delay associated exclusively with technical problems, it is better to decide to leave the project even with minimal profit. By the way, technical problems on the website are also the reason for leaving in English: the organizer easier to open a new project than to repair the old one. And the reason for the technical difficulties hype may be many: from competitors to insecure hosting;

Be careful what you say at various venues about the HYIP in which you have invested your assets. Sharp the rise of both negative and positive feedback suggests that it is time to count the profit and leave the project. Many will say that the negative comments – it intrigues of competitors. Maybe it is, but their activities often turns out to be successful and the hype is really defeated. the Positive comments from fake users is a direct message to emergency Scamu. Such actions of the organizers of the project also aims to "suicide" the collection of money;

Be careful, if faced with fast HYIP. Such projects are often small lifespan, and attachments respectively should be taken with the slightest changes in the organization. Wary must be attached to the fame of the organizers of the project, to conducting offline events aimed at recruitment of new members of the project. Hype hype usually speaks of his imminent Same;

To have good passive income from HYIP, you need to become an expert in this is simple fact, and give your hobby a few hours a day to monitoring the forums, new projects and working condition of cash on their HYIP projects. Despite the large number above everyone has the ability to carry out successful investing, armed with knowledge about the methods and technologies of hype.

The spring season is preparing the opening of new projects that need to pay attention in order to make a successful investment.

Positive tips for choosing the most promising project are as follows.

  1. Choose a project that only recently started my job. Old projects are pushing the confidence of investors, however, likely will be closed soon, because age is not something you can be proud of in HYIP.
  2. Average and low-income is preferable to bystropogon HYIPone-day. First risks are minimized.
  3. Check real contacts, listed on the project website. If they are copied from other sites – run, this hype there is a great future. 
  4. If there is nearing a great holiday, the summer holidays or a protracted series of weekend, it is better to withdraw funds in advance while the rest of the investors thought of the impending time relaxing and entertainment. After the holidays often HYIP zashkalivaet because of the mass withdrawal from the project.


Be careful with any kind of investment. For those who trusts his reason and intuition, there is no bad time for hype!

High profit to you and up to new meetings, dear friends.

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Мой инвестиционный блог, является информационным ресурсом, где Вы можете ознакомиться с новостями хайп индустрии, изучить лучшие хайп проекты, изучить новые хайпы, получить список платящих хайп проектов, в том числе и новые хайп 2017 года.

Поскольку я не веду сотрудничество с администраторами хайп проектов, я не имею никакого отношения к их деятельности. Вся информация, которая публикуется у меня на блоге, носит исключительно информационный характер и не призывает Вас к вложению средств.

Инвестируя в хайп проекты, которые размещены на моем портале, Вы должны понимать и учитывать все риски. Я ни в коем случае не призываю Вас инвестировать в хайп, а лишь предоставляю информацию о проектах с описанием их плюсов и минусов исключительно для Вашего удобства.

Учитывая это, я не несу ответственности за действия администраторов хайп проектов и возможные потери средств с Вашей стороны.