And again, I welcome You, dear readers of my blog.

I Hope my past articles You have no questions and are very clear. At least I'm trying to write a simple language, but sometimes I "pushes". So, if you want to specify, write in comments or me on mail, enjoy answer every.

And in this article I want to introduce You another investment option, which, unfortunately, is not as popular as we would like.

I'm Sure each of You knows what the exchange items online. Almost all of the participants in the world of investment sooner or later faced with the need to exchange one electronic currency for another or to exchange electronic funds for real. This is due, for the most part, because different investment projects using different EPS and some users may need to perform the operation of the exchange.

Here then come to the aid of exchange items. Basically, they just do EPS and earn on the difference in rates. For example: You change 100$ Perfect Money to Payeer. exchange Rate of 1 to 0,96. This means that You give 100$ PM and get Payeer $ 96. Exchanger, for services, leave yourself a 4 USD. The scheme is simple and clear, and is also the most fair.

However, when you create exchange offices, the administration, the question arises: "Where to get start-up capital for the formation of the Fund of the exchange?". Of course, it is possible to form a Fund out of pocket, but you need to throw all available money in different EPS.

Also You can engage in your exchange investors and, in the future, shares with them the profit, which is formed by the Commission from exchange transactions.

Actually, this variant also offers currency exchange "Receive money".

Their offer for investors, in my opinion, a more balanced and carries a clear economic rationale, which can not only provide the the smooth operation of the exchange for many years, but make a profit as administration of the exchange and its investors.

So, here is the investment program from the "Receive money":

  • 18% per annum at the time of investing in 3 or 6 months;
  • 20% per annum for the full duration of the investments in 365 days.

Actually, this interest rate greatly exceeds all offers that you can find in the banking organizations.

Send the exchange item amount from 50 to 5000 USD/EUR. Here the size of Your investments on the final profit is not affected, which is a big plus. However, I believe that the transfer amount is less than 500 USD/EUR makes no sense. Given the interest rate, You simply do not feel the taste of profits with small deposits. But, of course, how to transfer funds "Receive money" to You. I found it possible to allocate to them $ 1,000.

The money back from the exchange office "Receive money" occurs after the end of the investment period via the direct transfer to the account from which the Deposit was made. The administration of the exchanger says that this process is given to 72 hours, but the support explained that this is the maximum processing time of the transfer, and the average ratio is in the range from 2 to 12 hours.

But the benefits for investors is not over. In addition to the interest for the provision of funds in use "Receive money", the investor can get a bulk discount on exchange transactions.

So, passing the exchange the amount of 1000 USD/EUR for a period of 180 days, you can reduce the Commission in exchange for 0,15%.

Investing 5000 USD/EUR to 365 days, the discount will be increased to 0,25%.

Also, the size of the partnership compensation in these amounts will be increased to 0,5%.

Additionally, it is possible an early withdrawal of investments. When output compensation is paid in the amount of 10% per annum, and if the order is early payment is made earlier than 14 days with the transfer of funds to accounts "Receive money" the Commission payment system not kompensiruet and interest payment is not made.

Exchange accepts investments with Payeer USD, OKpay USD, Perfect Money USD/EUR.

Become an investor this exchange, You need to register, to fill out your profile and transfer Your chosen amount to the exchanger. That's all, You are a full partner "Receive money".

At the end of my article I note that this exchange caught my attention for a long time. I read about it a lot of information on the investment forums and throughout the Internet in General. Without exception, reviews were positive, I'm convinced. In addition, it was found that one of my partners, whose opinion has some credibility already 2 times did investment in "Receive money" and successfully moved their money along with profit. So, to pass I just couldn't. I'm in.

My honourable readers, I recommend to consider exchanger "Receive money" and, of course, I will be glad if You give your opinion on that kind of moneymaking. Believe, this is important for me!

That's all for today. Until we meet again.



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Мой инвестиционный блог, является информационным ресурсом, где Вы можете ознакомиться с новостями хайп индустрии, изучить лучшие хайп проекты, изучить новые хайпы, получить список платящих хайп проектов, в том числе и новые хайп 2017 года.

Поскольку я не веду сотрудничество с администраторами хайп проектов, я не имею никакого отношения к их деятельности. Вся информация, которая публикуется у меня на блоге, носит исключительно информационный характер и не призывает Вас к вложению средств.

Инвестируя в хайп проекты, которые размещены на моем портале, Вы должны понимать и учитывать все риски. Я ни в коем случае не призываю Вас инвестировать в хайп, а лишь предоставляю информацию о проектах с описанием их плюсов и минусов исключительно для Вашего удобства.

Учитывая это, я не несу ответственности за действия администраторов хайп проектов и возможные потери средств с Вашей стороны.