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Everyone who starts to earn on the Internet, and wants profits more than pennies on the views of advertising, first of all pay attention to the Forex market.

I became the exception.
The profit that promises us the direction in investing, of course, is not small. But, you should bear in mind a few nuances.

If You want to earn on Forex, then the least that You should do is to read a lot of literature, to understand how and what works. What are the signals you should pay attention to analyze all the information up to the news on the TV. Without it, You risk just to blow off money for nothing.
Needless to say that at the beginning of its "life" in the stock markets I did not? I think not. Of course, I've read a few articles, downloaded the trading platform and rushed into battle.
The result of such recklessness, – the loss of 1200 dollars.
It is also worth noting that not all Forex brokers (sites that provide services for opening accounts in the market) are honest and decent. Some of them intentionally create the conditions under which You lose your money. Methods for this mass. From false predictions and signals ending with an intervention code of the trading terminal, with the aim of creating an unprofitable trading environment.
After the first failure in trading on Forex, I did not give up and began to study all the literature, study the information that is in the network and to find the right broker. If the study materials it was a good idea, the search for a broker was clearly delayed. After 4 months, after studying all the reviews, I opted for group of companies "Privatefx". I will not go into all its benefits, let me just say that their attitude towards customers seemed to be one of the best among the companies of this segment.
I started working with "Privatefx" as a trader, so to speak, on their own. In the beginning, of course, there were many questions that I just filled up technical support. To my delight, her staff was not only quite experienced but also very patient people, for what huge to them thanks.
Initially, Forex trading seemed an interesting hobby. All these charts, signals, candles, spreads and other "strange words" kept me at the computer for 5-6 hours a day. Sometimes, it got to the point that I woke up in the night to drink water, then sat at the PC and watched the scene in the terminal until morning.
If we talk about profits, it was present but at a low level. On average, in a month I managed to earn 15-18 percent of the amount of the Deposit. If You think that it is very small, then you can calculate for the year. Even with a modest estimate comes out to 180% of net profit. So You don't get from any other Bank in the world.
However, we all crave something larger and, eventually, even this was not enough. And, my beloved wife was already totally against my regular get-togethers at the computer.
But, money is money, and desire to throw such a profitable business I have not encountered. It was necessary to find a compromise.
And, in a short time, I found it.
The fact that "Privatefx", has provided its clients not only the ability to trade on the Forex market on their own, but also the service of PAMM-accounts. I didn't pay attention to it, as because of the overabundance of information is not considered necessary to devote time to this issue. And for good reason.
In order not to bore You with a full explanation as to what is a PAMM account and what are its types will say that PAMM account is one of the types of bonds the functioning of the trading account in which You transfer your funds in trust an experienced trader.
In other words, You give money to the professional who, trading on the Forex market, brings You profit, and currently takes a commission from her in payment for work. You, at this time, unable to do anything.
After some deliberation (I don't like this thing), I made my first Deposit of $5000 into the account of one of the traders. In just a few weeks of this amount went bad an income of 1,260 USD. A couple of weeks and about the same amount of profit on my account. Of course, this kind of earnings is much easier than trading itself, and takes much less time.
However, there is no redistribution of perfection. I began to try to split their deposits in different Manager "Privatefx". Somewhere lose, somewhere added, in General, looking for the right person. Fortunately, such people "Privatefx" was few. The next few months of work with PAMM has already brought in three times the amount of profit that just drove me crazy with happiness.
You do your thing, family, hobby, entertainment, and at this time, several people, managing your funds, get you great profit. All you need is to Deposit, from time to time to communicate with managers and to make a profit.
A little away from the topic, I want to mention another important point, which was a great advantage and tipped the scales when choosing a broker to "Privatefx". It was here that I found the methods of funds, which used to enjoy. This is important since when you plan to invest, you expect and the output gain (or simply make sense in this case not), but if you don't understand how to Deposit and withdraw funds, then the fuse falls to work immediately.

"Privatefx" input-output of money was huge:

Yandex.Money, Sberbank; WebMoney; QIWI; Neteller; Bank transfer; credit card;

Personally, I was completely satisfied with the "Sberbank online", although, over time I switched to WebMoney, so I started to travel, and this system allowed me to get the money anywhere in the world, I need currency.
Thus, working only with PAMM-accounts, I was able in a short time to increase the initial amount of your Deposit. At the moment, I don't even presume to guess how much I withdrew funds from "Privatefx". I can only say that this is a six-figure sum. And increasingly, it is not my merit, and managers of PAMM-account, for which special thanks to them.
Also, it is worth noting that his first trip to Argentina, I with my wife made it with the profits from the work in this direction.
Concluding his story, I want to advise anyone who starts to work on the Forex market few simple rules:
Don't be lazy. If You decide to try their hand in this direction, learn everything You can. To profit, you should always understand how it works from the inside.
Choose a broker carefully. The wrong choice of broker can simply negate all Your efforts to study the Forex market. It is best not to rush and I read reviews of people on the Internet to perform activities of a broker on the forums and other thematic resources. It is the right choice of broker is 90% of Your success in the bidding;
Learn. If You decide to work with PAMM-accounts, watch several managers at the same time, try to understand their strategy, risk tolerance of each.
Don't be afraid. Forex the place to earn money. However, deposits in 10-20 dollars, nothing to do here. Of course, nobody tells You to make a Deposit immediately to thousands of dollars, You need to understand that investing is a risk and to allocate exactly the amount that will not entail major changes in financial regulation.

I am Sure, by following these simple rules, You will be able to achieve at least the same results that were achieved by me. Well, if Your profit will be more, but I would be happy with Your successes. Perhaps, once You and I have something to teach.


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