And again, dear readers, I have prepared for You a small overview of interesting project which, in my opinion, deserves the attention of a wider audience.

These guys keep "afloat" is already 2 years. If You do not understand how weighty, then, will tell You: "investing for 5 years is".

What impressed me, is the openness and accessibility of information. Few administrators voiced the risks. And even if this comes, then, basically, write a few terse lines, something like "Investing is always a risk" or "We're not responsible".

Here is the opposite. The administration clearly States on their methods of earning, paints on the shelves, what and why, and also notify those decisions that they make in order to reduce any risk to zero.

So, "KSAKEP" was opened in July 2014 forum on the basis of "mmgp" with a single purpose – to attract 20.000$ for the game Manager poker. Then he promised 13% to 26% profit per month, taking into account the capitalization gave to 500%. It is worth noting that at the time, he made a lot of noise and many thought him unpromising. However has not passed also couple of months as the Manager receives the required investment amount and closed the acceptance of deposits. The game Manager of the Fund has given good results, and in November was the start of a new project at becking (of financial support for promising poker players) that currently bears the name of "KSAKEP".

Impressive is the fact that parallel to the launch of a new project, started early the return of the funds raised by the Manager. This meant that all users who transferred their funds to trust management, received the money much earlier. Until March 2015 managing is fully returned all the deposits, becoming at the same time, one of the few projects who have fulfilled their obligations to the very end. This step, he gained the respect of all users mmgp (and I'll tell You the crowd there is very diverse range) and created an excellent platform to move forward.

Currently "KSAKEP" is a unique platform that accepts money in trust, while ensuring a partial refund, even in case of failure.

To not write a lot, I will try to explain the essence of earnings in simple terms. So, You give money, "KSAKEP", they form of these funds the General Fund, which, in turn, share promising poker players. Interestingly, poker players, selects the Manager, who in this "dog ate it". He signed a contract with them, according to which the player is committed withdraw the funds plus specified in the contract. The rest of the profit remains with the player as a bonus. Overall, the scheme is simple and straightforward, but its implementation needs a lot of experience, which, fortunately, has managing this project.

Well, let's move on to the site itself. Don't know about You, but I am glad it pleasing and unobtrusive design. Project administrator cut all the excess, leaving only the information that is needed to introduce and operate the Fund. Don't want to bore You with details about the technical part of the site and limited to such weighty words as "unique script", "reliable DDoS protection" and "SSL certificate from COMODO". I focus only on the latter. According to the information on SSL certificate will expire in 626. Catch my drift? Who do not understand, I will explain, well, who would disburse the certificate for so long, if he is going to close soon.

On the main page of the site You will find the information about the company, its methods of work. The investment proposal in the tab "Types of contributions", project news, and feedback of its participants. Here's another fun fact in contacts (top right corner) real room Manager. He's not a "fake" and already proven many and many times. There is also a contact support Skype and mail the administration of the project.

There is also tab F. A. Q (frequently asked questions), which contains the answers to the questions that like to ask newcomers. To rewrite the information out of her, I will not, if you want to read for yourself.

Mow, most importantly – investment proposal.

According to him, the user can donate to the project "KSAKEP" in trust the amount of 500$ on time 6, 12 or 20 months. In this case, the profit on this Deposit will depend on the results of the players. However, the administration is obliged to accrue the profit not less than 5% per month. That is, the profit can be more (at the moment it is of 7.03%) but, 5% it can not be omitted. In my opinion, it is very correct step. It motivates the investors to make deposits. Still, even with the most conservative estimates, the amount of profit subject to capitalization will be in the region of 80%, but this does not give any Bank in the world.

And when you consider that currently Fund "KSAKEP" predicts annual profit on the Deposit in the amount of 120% taking into account capitalization, it is just gorgeous. At the moment, can already hear the thoughts of some in the head "120% per year, here on the other site I promise as much as 1000% during this time." Yes, I can promise a million percent, but rate the reality of the events and everything will fall into place.

Next, tell me how are paid the profit. Each first day of the month, made the payment guaranteed 5% of the amount of the Deposit. Further, after the end of the period (it is after 3 months) for 15 days You will be charged an additional profit (if any during this period). For example: the profit was at the level of 8% per month, You get paid monthly to 5%, therefore, will pay more and the difference in 3% per month.

There are still a one-time bonus. It is charged on deposits of 12 and 20 months and is 3% 7%, respectively. This bonus will add to Your Deposit within 48 hours and he will participate in the calculation of the monthly income.

To contribute to "KSAKEP" or you can withdraw your funds using these EPS:

  • PerfectMoney;
  • OKPAY;
  • Payeer;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • QIWI;
  • Yandex.Money;
  • Bitcoin.

You Can use the banking payments through the "Sberbank of Russia", "alpha Bank" and "Tinkoff". In addition, the administration offers an opportunity to recharge balance and other methods, but it is available only when personal discussion with them.

More from user "KSAKEP" you can order capitalization of interest. This feature allows you to add monthly income to the body of the Deposit, which in turn leads to an overall increase in profits.

Also, all investors rely bonus 3% from Deposit of each attracted them to the project user. Perhaps the percentage is not much, but given the minimal amount of the Deposit and the target audience of this project, the money it goes pretty good amount.

After registration, You will be available to the project dashboard "KSAKEP". To me personally, he liked his black-and-white color and ergonomics. In it, You can set the configuration and payment details of your account, create your first and subsequent deposits, order payment, get your referral link and also see the history of deposits and payments. In General, more about the office say nothing. Simple, comfortable and functional.

As I wrote above, contact phone, Skype and e-mail. There is also a convenient system tickets, but I prefer not to use it. In any case, all these contacts You can find in the upper right corner of the website.

Here, perhaps, and all I wanted to tell You about this project. Except, I forgot to mention that in "KSAKEP" I have already made a Deposit and waiting on my first profit, on the calculation and the output of which is, of course, I will notify You immediately.

Until next time, friends.



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Мой инвестиционный блог, является информационным ресурсом, где Вы можете ознакомиться с новостями хайп индустрии, изучить лучшие хайп проекты, изучить новые хайпы, получить список платящих хайп проектов, в том числе и новые хайп 2017 года.

Поскольку я не веду сотрудничество с администраторами хайп проектов, я не имею никакого отношения к их деятельности. Вся информация, которая публикуется у меня на блоге, носит исключительно информационный характер и не призывает Вас к вложению средств.

Инвестируя в хайп проекты, которые размещены на моем портале, Вы должны понимать и учитывать все риски. Я ни в коем случае не призываю Вас инвестировать в хайп, а лишь предоставляю информацию о проектах с описанием их плюсов и минусов исключительно для Вашего удобства.

Учитывая это, я не несу ответственности за действия администраторов хайп проектов и возможные потери средств с Вашей стороны.