Safe investments


"Safe investments" - is a Fund of funds, which is the guarantor of Your success. on the earnings in the Internet, by compensation for financial losses, in case one or several investment projects in which You participated, losing its solvency.

The amount of the funds received in this Fund, is formed from

  • 50% my earnings from investing in projects that are presented on my blog;
  • 50% revenue from all types of advertising that will eventually be added to my blog;
  • 25% from the amount of affiliate commission that will be obtained from all projects on this blog.

In each project, I will try to provide insurance to full breakeven Your investment. However, since the final size of insurance compensation depends on many factors (amount of Fund, the number of users that took part in it and the size of their deposits), the amount of insurance payment will be calculated for each user individually.

Also, the Fund "Safe investment" will always remain not reduce the balance in the amount of 30% of the amount of money that is in the Fund on the first day of each month. It is necessary to reduce the risk of drawdowns, and serves as an additional tool in accumulation of money supply in the Fund and, as a consequence, in the future, will give the opportunity to increase the percentage and amount of insurance compensation.

This scheme will allow each of You significantly reduce the potential rubbedand when investing in any situation to stay with their money.

Some projects (which I'm sure is entirely or want to invest the majority of readers of my blog) will act full insurance, i.e., 100% of Your contributions. Thus, even in case of failure, You are guaranteed to receive the full amount your investment from me as compensation. Of course, such cases will be separate conditions that we talk later in private conversation.

For each of your partner I find and provide the conditions that will satisfy us both.

Ensure That You have the opportunity to learn and to obtain operational data about all the projects, every Monday on my blog I will post news block with all the graphs and explanations of where and how many earned, how many compensation insurance etc.

I am Sure that the combination of all these events will teach You to work independently on the investment market and will bring the desired financial independence.

Rules of the Fund "Safe investment"

1) The amount of the Fund formed of revenues from profit blog and all advertising – 50% from all I received the profits go to the Fund;

2) The amount of Fund updated in conjunction with the weekly review, the actual amount of Fund you can always check in the section "Safe investments";

3) In the case when after adding the blog, the project stopped paying and didn't give anyone earn from referrals – we declare the insured event, and 100% of the amount of the Fund is going to cover the damages to my partners;

4) If the amount of the Fund "Safe investment" covers all loss recoverable 100% loss, the balance of the Fund remain in the Fund balance;

If the amount is not enough at all losses – will compensate the loss part, in percent, in proportion to the loss of referrals.

5) For each new project on the blog can be the output of the project under section "Safe investment". If the project has ceased to pay/have violated the regulations after the deadline for compensation of losses on the project are not provided.

All the controversial cases of violation of the rules of the project be decided unilaterally by us.

6) The procedure in case of cessation of payments of the project:

  • Make the news that the project stopped payment;
  • Within 48 hours all of the affected partners need via the order form insurance to send the data about their losses under the scheme: the Deposit Amount minus the amount of profits;
  • Two days later we during the working day are processed the application and pay compensation to you on the wallet.

7) After obtaining insurance, do not forget must to unsubscribe to the receipt of:

  • Rich&Free VK

Sure, You will appreciate all the benefits of the Fund "Safe investment". All your deposits together with RF blog will be protected from the risks of double – qualitative analysis of projects and insurance of the blog.

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Мой инвестиционный блог, является информационным ресурсом, где Вы можете ознакомиться с новостями хайп индустрии, изучить лучшие хайп проекты, изучить новые хайпы, получить список платящих хайп проектов, в том числе и новые хайп 2017 года.

Поскольку я не веду сотрудничество с администраторами хайп проектов, я не имею никакого отношения к их деятельности. Вся информация, которая публикуется у меня на блоге, носит исключительно информационный характер и не призывает Вас к вложению средств.

Инвестируя в хайп проекты, которые размещены на моем портале, Вы должны понимать и учитывать все риски. Я ни в коем случае не призываю Вас инвестировать в хайп, а лишь предоставляю информацию о проектах с описанием их плюсов и минусов исключительно для Вашего удобства.

Учитывая это, я не несу ответственности за действия администраторов хайп проектов и возможные потери средств с Вашей стороны.