Analytics 13.03.2017-20.03.2017

Hello, dear readers of my blog.

Finally, I gathered my thoughts and forces to write the analysis in its earnings. I know that for a long time we never spoke about it, but there are reasons. As You can see, blog keeps getting better. Recently developed a mobile version, and now it can be read from their mobile devices and tablets.

Now, let's proceed directly to Analytics.

Just note that we will consider earnings only for the last week, as almost all funds for the previous period was directed to development blog and his service.

So, total earnings received from the investment, last 7 days was 277.8$. However, this profit was distributed to projects as follows:

Despite the fact that this figure includes the earnings from the project "Merchantshares", I consider it my duty to mention that in the project are experiencing problems. According to official information, this is due to the migration of their site to another hosting. But, as You know, it could be just a cover. To 19 they are paid properly, that will be further – will show time. In any event, I inform You about changes for better or worse.

Now, let's proceed to the earnings from affiliate program and banner advertising. And if the second source has brought not so much (a total of 90 dollars), the active referrals pleasantly pleased. past 7 days program has brought 197$. And this despite the fact that the average rate on the portfolio is equal to 3%. Therefore, activity partners is growing, this means that not in vain I struggled with the selection of projects. Glad You liked them.

Of course, there are "the downside," which I have no influence – the work of investment funds. Unfortunately, today I have to say insolvency, however, to announce early compensation your users.

So, let's sum up.

  • profit from the project 277.8 (of278$);
  • profit from banner ads 90$;
  • profit from the affiliate program of 197$.

Under the terms of filling of the Fund is "Safe investments" it will go to 278$*0,5 + 90$*0,25 + 197$*0,25 = 210,75$ (211$).

Thus, total amount in the "Safe investments" at this point in time, is 774 USD.

And if not a SCAM, you would rejoice at such growth, but have to adjust this figure after I finish compensation. It will be about Monday (of27.03.2017).

In addition to this already there are some ideas regarding future projects I'm going to post on the blog, I think the situation with them is also clear to this date.

Here then we will see real money in the "Safe investments", which You, dear readers, can expect working with projects that are presented on my blog.

In the meantime, I bid You farewell.

To the new, a pleasant meeting.




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tentu ada tidak sedikit untuk mencari tahu berkaitan masalah ini.
saya gemar seluruh poin yg kamu buat.


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