Analytics 02/01/17

Greetings, dear readers of my blog.

First and foremost, I want to congratulate You with New Year and Christmas. I wish You all good health, financial prosperity and achievement of new heights in the things that You planned for 2017.

For me, this year has started quite well. None of the projects I have posted on my blog and who made the money, has not ceased to pay during the holidays. It is a double joy, because, on the one hand, this course of events has brought me profit, and on the other, it means that I was not mistaken in the selection of investment funds and not disappoint You, my dear.

For me, Your success is our main priority.

Well, let's move on to what managed to earn over the past week, and how much work to increase the amount of funds for the "Safe investment".

So, past 7 days brought the expected profit in full. I note that in the same period and got the first payment from the project «KSAKEP» and added payments from the «Premier-fxvci», so that the amount of deductions to the Fund of "Safe investments" increased slightly.

Below, a small visualization of the sources of income:

As You can see, the greatest profit brought deposits in

"PrivateFX" (67$);
"Bitcoin World" (64$);
"Premier-fxvci" (56$).

It should be noted that these projects are very promising, and I'm already thinking about how to focus more of its resources to work with them. And You recommend a closer look at these funds as a tool for earning money.

Before the earnings from the affiliate program, it is, as I said earlier, leaves much to be desired. Of course, I assumed that during the Christmas holidays to count this method of earning is not worth, but my predictions were more pessimistic. Gradually, the investment market is set in motion and become more active.

Total for the past week we have 180 USD deductions for affiliate programs. In order to make it more clear what the projects were received, these payments, I have prepared for You a small chart that, in addition to the amount of earnings will show You in what projects prefer to invest readers.

Thus, for the period from 27.12.16 for 02.01.17 total earnings amounted to us $ 295 (payment of projects) + $ 180 (referral fees) = 475 USD.

Now for the filling of the Fund is "Safe investments".

According to the terms that I voiced when it was created, the amount of deductions it should be:

$ 147 (payments from projects);
$ 45 (deductions under the affiliate program).

Of this amount, (192$) I take the 30 dollars that took last time. Also, given the stability of the projects posted on my blog, and the fact that the vast majority of users who have registered them through my phone went into profit, I decided to reduce allocations to Fund "Safe investments" and to direct these funds to "Bonuses for activity".

Total, Fund "Safe investments" is the sum of 81 USD. Calculation: 19230 (not taken last time) – 81 (moved to "Bonuses for activity").

Thus, the Fund "Safe investment" is 480 USD, which is at this time fully meets the needs of my partners.

Well, that's all for today. Until next time, dear readers.


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