"Doha Global Private Investment"

Good day, my dear readers.

Not long ago, I found ehas one investment Fund, which, in my opinion, can good to enrich of its participants. Despite the relatively low level of monthly income, it has the potential to bring in a high return very a balanced marketing.

So, let's get to it. The project that I want to introduce You today is called "Doha Global Private Investment" or abbreviated as "Doha Global". Their main area of work is trade oil futures on the market Forex. For those who are still not aware of the concept of "futures" and how can I make money with it, I'll explain.

In this context, futures is a form of contracts for the supply of oil under which the oil company agrees to sell oil in a certain period of time at an agreed price. For example: oil company concludes futures contract with the "Doha Global" for the supply of 20.000 barrels of oil may 2017 price 50$ per barrel. Thus, regardless of the price of oil will be in may 2017, "Doha Global" I will purchase a specified volume at the specified price. Therefore, if the price of oil will be higher (and often this is the case), "Doha Global" get a good profit.

By purchasing a futures contract from the oil company, "Doha Global" put it up for sale, thereby ensuring the liquidity of transactions and, consequently, profit.

Now about the project "Doha Global". Its online version was created in order to ensure that everyone in the world could make some money on such a delicate matter, as trading on the market Forex. In fact, You do not need to know about this type of investment, all that is necessary is to have available for contribution funds and the desire to make a profit, everything else will make traders "Doha Global".

In order to understand how reliable this project, just look at their website. It is made so perfectly that I even after 4 days of checking, and have not found what you can complain about. All clear and to the point. Not be amiss to mention the reliable protection of data and tools users which is supported by the SSL certificate from the "COMODO", as well as software from the "DDoS Guard" and "H-SCRIPT"

Separately, I note that about this company, there is even an article on tass.ru and rating Forex brokers ratingfx.ru Foundation "Doha Global" received fairly high marks from respected analysts. The same test was conducted of the legal activities of the company, which confirmed the official registration of the "Doha Global" in the UK.

Well, now, let's get to the investment offer of the project.

In accordance with its terms, any investor "Doha Global" can up to 12% profit per month. Profit is calculated weekly and its size depends on the number of deals concluded by traders the project for the current week.

After analysing the of yield "Doha Global" over the past 2 years, according to news reports, which are presented in the section "Reports", I calculated that the average rate of return per week is 2,3%. Consequently, the average, the Fund's investors "Doha Global" you can count on guaranteed to 9.2% net income per month.

For those who believe this level is low, I will say the following: according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, for the year 2016, the average amount of profit on deposits with a term of not less than 1 year for individuals, amounted to 9.27% per year.

If we calculate the profit that ensures investment in "Doha Global" you get around 27%. In my opinion, the benefits of working with "Doha Global" the obvious.

In addition, to withdraw their funds from any commercial Bank, You can not earlier than at the end of the term of the agreement, which, basically, is for one year. In the case of early termination of the Deposit agreement, You shall pay the Bank a penalty, which usually brings all the profit from investing to zero.

"Doha Global" it offers the possibility of a perpetual investment with a return the body of the Deposit at any time upon Your request. The only limitation is that since the opening of the Deposit before its withdrawal must be at least 30 days.

To invest in "Doha Global" any amount of 50 to 1.000.000 USD. In this case, the depositors, whose Deposit will be more 5.000 USD will be offered an official contract.

To get started with the project, You need to register and contribute to your inner balance means that You are willing to dedicate to investments in "Doha Global". You can do it using following payment processors:


  • Yandex Money;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Perfect Money;
  • Payeer;
  • OKpay;
  • Advcash;
  • QIWI.

Now, all that remains is to go every week and order the payment due to You. To make it possible in the menu "withdrawals".

Note that the calculation of profit is performed every Friday at 15.00 GMT, and the minimum payout is set at the rate of 0,1$. Still, you should know that withdrawal requests are processed by operators with the rules of the up to 48 hours, so we'll have to wait a bit.

Now I will tell You about affiliate program "Doha Global". By its terms, You will receive income from the profits of Your partners. The size of Your reward is 20% of earnings Your referrals. In my opinion, this option affiliate program very competent. It is designed to attract to the project investors with long-term goals, and this greatly increases the level of financial stability of the company "Doha Global".

Personal account in detail I will not. Let me just note that on the main page are separate for each payment system, financial summary, and in sections that are left, You can: view a list of your active deposits and transaction history on Your account, order the withdrawal of funds or body of the Deposit, to see the activity of your referral structure and to receive promotional materials to attract partners in the "Doha Global", as well as set up your billing profile and account settings.

If You have any difficulties when work with "Doha Global", then You will certainly help our technical support specialists. You can contact them via ticket system, email, online assistant on the site, and a toll-free number hotline. The entire list of communication methods You will find in section "Contacts".


Here are the things here, dear friends. No wonder I've been studying this Foundation for almost a week. During this time I had finally ensure its reliability and, of course, made a contribution in the amount of $ 500.

I hope that despite such a long text in this article, I have outlined all the information most available (at least, I tried) and was able to reveal all aspects of the "Doha Global".

And, of course, I would like to read Your opinion about this Fund. Waiting for your feedback as comments on the blog or letters in the mail.

I was glad again to share with You one of my existing information.

All the best, dear readers.

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